I met Helen four years ago when she interviewed me for a job. I warmed to her immediately, she’s kind, generous, funny and quick. She is the most creative person I know. If you go for a walk in the park with her, she will pick up a dead leaf and a bit of twig, pinch your sandwich box to ‘keep it safe’ and then turn up a week later with a stunning piece of silver jewellery. She has no idea how talented she is and is surprised when people wonder how she can have possibly got such a beautiful artifact from a muddy twig and a mouldy leaf. Have a look at her website, see if you can spot the twig and leaf thing – http://www.helenkennacreations.co.uk/ You rarely see Helen sitting down, especially at meal times, so grabbing a quick burger while she mans her market stall was the obvious choice. I also got to pretend it was me who had made all the beautiful jewellery and might even have got away with it had it not been blindingly obvious I had no idea what I was on about. Damn.


Directly behind Helen’s stall was a chap selling some kind of fried meat sandwich. The smell was very inviting from the start, but by the time we had battled through the crowds and caught up with a few old friends, we were starving. For five pounds each we got a battleship sized roll with beef, cheese and jalapeno chillies. It was absolutely delicious and will probably be the last thing I think about as I die the untimely death eating things like that must surely cause. I recently  heard an elite athlete say that the best way to stay slim is to taste everything, and if you like it, spit it out. I am SO glad I’m not an elite athlete.

The Lunch

Uplands Market is wonderful. Don’t take my word for it, have a look for yourself  http://www.uplandsmarket.com/ It’s full of local produce, crafts and homemade food. Having lived nearby for 14 years, I always see lots of lovely people too, so it’s a sensation overload which is actually a bit too much sometimes. I’m not much of a shopper at the best of times, but market shopping requires lots of looking, asking, thinking. deciding and other hard work type gerunds. As with much of Swansea life though, the people make it all worthwhile, If you possibly can, give it a go I promise you’ll like it.


27 September 2014

Uplands Market, Swansea

Uplands Market

Bad photograph of Helen’s beautiful jewellery. For good photos check out her website


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